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The Amazon Keyword Tool is a free long tail keyword tool that helps you find profitable keyword suggestions directly from Amazon that other keyword tools won't show you.

All the long tail keyword phrases provided by this tool are all product keywords or product search keywords. Since this free long tail keyword tool will find product keyword phrases, using this tool can be an effective way to find profitable long tail keywords for any product or service offered on Amazon's website.

If you are trying to find long tail keywords for a product, this tool is AWESOME! That being said, you should also try the Google Product Keyword Tool to find even more long tail product keywords.

getting started with an effective long tail keyword strategy  To get started with this free keyword tool, enter a keyword or product name in the field below and then click the "Go" button.

Note: For the free version of this tool, access is limited to 3 uses per day. If you want unlimited access, buy the full version.

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Once you have a nice list of long tail keyword phrases, import these keywords into the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to get the search volume and keyword analysis data.

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