How to do keyword research for Amazon affiliate marketing?

Amazon affiliate marketing

Ah yes, hello fellow internet marketer.

Given the breadth of this topic, we are just going to focus on just the aspect of keyword research for Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

That said, to start the keyword research process, you should already have a few Amazon products that you would be promoting as an Amazon Associate.

Create a small list of phrases that are relevant to the product.

One quick way to complete this task is by looking at the "Title" of the Amazon product listing and using the keywords you find.

Find Seed Keywords from Amazon Product Listing Titles.

Amazon Product List Title

Using the product title in the example above, these are some seed keywords.

  • Beach Toys
  • Beach Toy Set
  • Beach Bucket
  • Beach Sifter
  • Sand Toys
  • Sand Toy Set
  • Sand Bucket
  • Sand Sifter
  • Sand Shovel
  • Sand Rake
  • Sand Molds
  • And so on...

Now that you have your list, take each phrase and use that to search for more Amazon keywords using our simple and effective Amazon keyword research tool.

Keyword Research for Amazon Affiliate

Make sure to use each of the search mode; normal, precise, and broad.

Amazon Keyword Search Modes

Also, follow some of the same deep keyword search techniques discussed in the section about finding keywords for a Sponsored Products campaign advertisement.

Using the deep keyword search, you can uncover super long - long tail keywords that are easier to rank higher in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

Lastly, use the most popular keywords sorted by Score in your affiliate marketing efforts.

And remember to utilize the best practices for SEO in every case.

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