How to Write an Optimized Product Title

First, we recommend reviewing the Amazon’s quick start style guide for a complete list of do’s and don’ts for a product title.

Best practices still rely heavily on the latest style guide for writing a good product title.

Latest style guide - product title.

Amazon Style Guide Product Title

An optimized product listing title should include the product name, color, flavor, variant, size, quantity, keywords, and any other critical information about the product.

Going back to the beach sand molds product example, an optimized product title may look something like the following for a product that contained castle and shell shapes in different colors that are for playing in the sand.

Example Optimized Product Title - 195 characters

Funtime Beach Sand Molds Kit. Includes 15 red, blue, and yellow castle shapes - 12 green, blue, and pink shell shapes. 27 fun beach toys in a set for boys and girls to play in spring and summer

Funtime is the brand coming from the brand field.

And you can see we included some colors; red, blue, yellow, green, blue, pink.

And the top relevant keywords; beach, sand, molds, kit, castle, shapes, shell, fun, toys, boys, girls, play, spring, and summer.

Notice there is no need to copy keywords or individual words. Amazon’s search engine algorithm only indexes unique words, so there is no need to duplicate keywords in other areas, like the key product features or description.

Now this is not to say that you can’t have the same words in the description and the title, but rather, be mindful of how you use each word and make the best of the available character space.

Amazon SEO Tip: Include the most popular relevant keywords closer to the beginning of the product title.

Another important point that should be noted, is keyword placement within the title.

Each keyword was placement position with in the title was based the keyword's popularity score provided by Amazon as a search suggestion

KTD's Amazon keyword tool automatically includes the popularity score provided by Amazon.

Popularity Score Keyword List Row

Optimizing your product title for conversion is critical and a great product title with the best keywords can help improve your Click Through Ratio (CTR).

That’s why it is absolutely imperative that the keywords you using in your title are relevant keywords that are actually used as search terms on Amazon.

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